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Nearly 22 years ago now. Today, it has 95, miles. A large percentage of that 58, mile difference has been off-road in the Pacific Northwest. The rest has been getting to and from the trail-head to leave the pavement. I traced this rig’s history and spoke to it’s original owner not long after buying it. He had purchased it as a dealer “demo” with 4, miles on the odometer. He used and abused it hauling a 55gallon drum, hunting dog cages, and pulling a 12′ trailer before the Repo-man mercifully rescued her from him, returning her to a Mike Salta dealership in Portland. That dealership was closing, and she was wholesaled to Beaverton Datsun, where she and I first we met. It’s been a love-hate relationship. Water leaks into the cab it’s been known to rain a bit in the PNW , the occasional ill-timed breakdown, and she even has a spot or two of skin cancer these days.

Our Complete Guide to Parts and Providers for Gas-to-Diesel Engine Swaps

Here’s how I interpret the circuit: Follow the Purple wire and select a good place to splice a 12v switch into it. When this switch is in the “off” condition the TCC will not engange at all.

GM THR4 / 4L60 & Early 4LE Automatic Transmission. The THR4 is an automatic shift, four-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission. It is now considered to be one of the finest overdrive automatic transmissions ever produced. In , the R4 was redesignated as the 4L

However I won’t be able to offer custom tunes for modified engines. Please read to the bottom, there is a lot of important info I need to know to properly program your PCM. Bottom of this page has shipping address and a “Buy Now” button for payment. I have gotten a lot of questions if I was still doing programming, answer is YES, I have not stopped doing programming, nor do I plan to at all.

This is my full time job. COM was created in Please let me know if PCM does not match the engine exactly. GM used different injector sizes, fuel rail types etc across engine’s and years. It’s important for best performance to know exactly what the engine is. Also, if you plan to swap intakes from another engine LS1 intake on a 5.

Supplying an 8 digit injector number found on side of each injector will always help insure correct flow rate is programmed into the PCM. How to identify my engine 4. Is your fuel rail a returnless type, using corvette regulator or does it have a vacuum referenced fuel pressure regulator? What is the injector part for 4.

Terminator EFI 4bbl TBI Kits

Early production was a Gen3 engine in the “classic body style truck” Please let me know if PCM does not match the engine exactly. GM used different injector sizes, fuel rail types etc across engine’s and years. It’s important for best performance to know exactly what the engine is. Also, if you plan to swap intakes from another engine LS1 intake on a 5. Supplying an 8 digit injector number found on side of each injector will always help insure correct flow rate is programmed into the PCM.

The Diesel Registry is for those that have installed any kind of diesel motor in their Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick or Geo Tracker. The purpose of the registry is to promote a Suzuki diesel community and to share information.

Salvation for the anemic TR7. This conversion kit uses the rear-wheel drive 90? A converted TR7 is approximately 85 pounds heavier, so I supply a set of specially wound front springs. The center of gravity moves slightly rearward so handling is actually improved. The TR7 left engine mount on the crossmember must be trimmed off for oil pan clearance.

The TR7 radiator in good condition is adequate.

Technical Details

Motochris’s Photo Album New Demon “Street Demon” cfm carb Just thought I’de share my thoughts about this new carb since there seems to be little info on it out there so far. I went thru all the typical BS with trying to tune the stumble that carb is known to have. Ended up way rich on the primary jets, plus a good amount of tuning to the accel pump to get most of it away. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was something you could deal with.

Stomp on it and it was great..

4bbl TBI Kits. 4bbl TBI Master Kits with Fuel System. 4bbl TBI Kits with Transmission Control.

If your speedometer reads wrong, don’t suffer. A very easy operation. Simply lift the front of the car and find the cable going to the side of the tranny. The cable is removed easily and the gear slides into a metal housing that also is easily pried out of the tranny with a screwdriver. You need to calculate how far off your speedo is before you pull the gear. This particular gear has 22 teeth, so buying the 20 tooth gear makes the speedo more accurate, although I think it is still around 2 mph short at 70 MPH.

Anyway, the point is, if you have an inaccurate speedo, its a very easy fix and inexpensive too. However, ensure the reason that your speedo is off because a different plastic gear is used for your specific combination of differential gears, tire diameter and transmision. Check the manufacturer info on things like recommended tire size, rear end ratio, drive gear in the transmission pain in the butt if this is wrong , and driven gear specs.

If you require a reduction gear, that info is on there too. Especially if you have numerically high gear ratios like 3. All these things matched together equal fairly accurate speedo readings. The C-clamp method of compressing the clutch packs took a couple of extra hands be sure to compress the C-clamps evenly and there were a ton of small parts to keep track of.

Holley Sniper EFI System is Easy, Budget-Friendly Path to Fuel Injection

Converting from gas to diesel or from one brand of oil-burner to another is also enticing because of the ever-increasing availability of adapters, kits, standalone computers, and wiring harnesses that facilitate using various modern diesel-repower combinations to fit a wide variety of trucks and SUVs. The diesel-engine mating game has never been more fine-tuned. If you want to repower an older Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota with a Cummins engine, there are sources for the engines, adapters, and complete conversion kits that make it happen.

It takes time, knowledge, and patience. With pre-computer era vehicles, a set of engine mounts and a few adapters can put you on the right path very quickly, followed by whatever fabrication, wiring, and welding necessary to get fuel delivery, cooling, and exhaust systems sorted out.

The diesel-engine mating game has never been more fine-tuned. If you want to repower an older Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota with a Cummins engine, there are sources for the engines, adapters.

The automotive world is increasingly regulated by digital electronics, and hot rodders might as well take advantage of these amenities. This story will look at the evolution of the 4L60E, which is essentially a digitally controlled R4. The original R4 was built in as a Corvette four-speed automatic with overdrive. This gearbox is different because it applies an overdrive to First gear to create Second.

Third gear is 1: This first version was designed with a bolt-on extension housing and employed a throttle-valve TV cable intended to signal engine load to the transmission via throttle position, instead of a using engine vacuum. Most transmission specialists agree an improperly adjusted TV cable is the culprit in most aftermarket R4 failures.

In , GM wisely converted to electronic control, eliminating the cumbersome TV cable while changing its nomenclature to 4L60E. The numbers decipher like this: Later transmissions were upgraded as 4L65 and 4L70 for use in heavy-duty trucks. The 4L60E has now been in production for more than two decades and has experienced multiple performance updates that affect interchangeability. The first electric version was bolted behind the small-block Chevy SBC in cars and light trucks and visually appeared much like the earlier R4, except for its large pin electronic connector.

Terminator EFI 4bbl TBI Kits

The most popular swaps continue to be the R4 and the R4, both of which are good choices and have their advantages. The physical swaps are straightforward, but the one component that still mystifies many people is the throttle-valve T. When connected to the throttle linkage mechanism, a correctly set up T.

Automatic Overdrive Transmission Swap. This page is all about what I learned after I decided to swap the original TH transmission in my GMC Suburban for a THR4 transmission to gain the benefits of a modern overdrive transmission and help tame my “great for towing” rear axle gears on the highway. As part of this project, I also had to build a custom Throttle Valve Cable Bracket.

Some of these are discussed below. This engine has been used extensively in performance and race applications, and as such, there are many hop-up parts and accessories available for the it. The Buick V6 is a bit smaller and lighter than the Chevy or Ford V6s, but is somewhat heavier than the 3. Some Buick V6s odd ifre I believe have a moderate vibration problem and may tend to run a bit on the hot side.

There is also a turbocharged version of the Buick engine that provides quite a punch for a light truck. However, be cautioned that such a swap requires careful thought to obtain adequate engine cooling especially in cases where the truck will be driven slowly or for some reason have limited airflow. Modification of the exhaust, truck frame, and body will most likely be needed to get this engine to fit. This engine came from the factory in several configurations including: This is a torquey engine, and uses the same block design as the small block Chevy less two cylinders.

Pistons, rods, bearings, etc.

Electronic Fuel-Injection Systems – EFI For Any Car

I am attributing that to my errors with the tape measure in my haste to get mine measured so I could get back into a warm house, and I am simply using the published specs. First up, let’s tackle overall length and case length. Overall length is important for the final driveshaft length and the case length is important for the fitment to the transmission tunnel.

Salvation for the anemic TR7.A John’s Cars conversion will provide you with the oomph you deserve (more than a “TR8”) and saves your Triumph from being on the way to the lonely boneyard. Don’t feel as if British Leyland built the only four-cylinder Titanic, GM had the Vega.

It was introduced to the larger car B-body and similar and truck lines as the TH R was introduced to the car line. The was given a “universal” bellhousing bolt pattern for its ability to bolt to different engines both the Chevy and B-O-P-C engines. The came in two bellhousing bolt patterns — the standard “Chevy” which includes all smallblock engines from to cubic engines and the later “Vortec” series engines and their derivatives , the big blocks from the truck only to the , and the new ZZ This bellhousing pattern was also used for the 6.

And then there was the smaller bellhousing bolt pattern used on the 2. The 2WD had a longer tailshaft and a housing including a bushing to support it along with containing a speedometer drive housing. The 4WD version had a much shorter tailshaft which was to be supported by the adapter and transfer case input shaft bearing, the 4WD speedometer was driven from within the transfer case rear output shaft housing. The only other difference I have found here is that the torque converter cover dust cover for the 4WD version was made of cast aluminum instead of stamped steel or molded plastic, and it used much larger bolts to attach to the transmission, as it also made provisions to attach strut rod reinforcements from a bracket that mounted under the motor mounts to the lower portion of the cast aluminum dust cover.

There were also a few changes made to the V-8 model to give it the ability and dependability to be installed into the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette — and in certain cases the Corvette version received even more enhancements. There were various differences in the same model — transmissions needed to be able to be used with the different engines and the same transmission; obviously the inch V-6 will have a bit of a problem driving the that was designed to be bolted behind a 6.

The gearing for the is:

LT1 Wiring for dummies

The throttle body looks remarkably like a Holley carb, which is great for anyone wanting classic looks and modern performance. Much of the system is encased right inside the throttle body—and that includes the ECU. It flows cfm and can support up to horsepower.

The blue one is a 6 cyl 4 speed, power steering rhino lined through out, 5 new 10″ Micky Thompson wheels and tires MTX suspension lift new shocks New paint, new bestop seats grey New gages, all stainless steel bolts, one of the sharpest looking Scramblers left.

Its Chevrolet Ram Jet crate motor is shifted by a R4 trans with a 2, rpm stall-speed converter. A Chevy Ram Jet transfers torque through a R4 automatic overdrive to a 3. Although the rod was spirited around town, highway driving was a pain. And since Fourth gear sustained cruise rpm is higher with a non-lockup converter, gas mileage decreases, partially negating the benefits of overdrive. The Diagnosis The Rollings Automotive crew clockwise, from top left: The Roadster went over to a great all-purpose repair shop, Rollings Automotive.

It repairs just about any car, early or late, old-school or high-tech.

Setting The Transmission Kickdown On TH-350, TH400, And 700R4