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This is a do-it-yourself procedure. When fajitas are cooked cut into small slices. Perfect compliments for this divine composition are frijoles and Spanish rice. But they don’t call them skirt steaks in San Antonio–they call the fajitas. From what I was able to learn, it seems fajitas are something of a Southern Texas–or Tex-Mex-phenomenon. They have become popular only in the past few years, but they have become very popular.

Brainerd City Council: Council selects 5 finalists for city administrator

This story takes place after Season 2, Episode I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Kara Danvers bit her lip as she knocked on the front door of her dear friend Lena Luthor’s home. As she waited for a reply she again wondered why her friend didn’t live in one of the many mansions her family owned. Was it to be closer to the city, or had some of her funds been seized ever since her stepbrother, or now apparently half brother, had gone on his rampage?

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Council selects 5 finalists for city administrator By Chelsey Perkins on Oct 21, at The Brainerd City Council will invite five candidates to interview for a chance to become the city’s next administrator. Council members met in special session Tuesday, together narrowing the field of applicants by half as each listed the three candidates topping their lists. Three candidates made the first cut, while a tie between three others was broken following a second round.

The identities of the candidates were not revealed during this portion of the meeting, with council members instead referring to applicants by numbers alone. Following the tiebreaker round, council member Sue Hilgart voiced concerns with one of the two receiving enough votes to make the final five. Hilgart said she was troubled by some of the candidate’s scores on a personal inventory each filled out, and she did not like the candidate’s introductory video.

Hilgart suggested a sixth candidate be added as a backup. Council member Jan Lambert said maybe the council should just select six finalists, if that were the case. Council member Gabe Johnson asked Gary Weiers of David Drown Associates, the firm conducting the candidate search, at what point candidates become concerned at the number of finalists. Council President Dave Pritschet said he worried with too many candidates, it might become cumbersome and could disadvantage those early in the interviewing process.

Another poll of members showed Hilgart was the only member wishing to include a backup candidate. The interview process itself will include a sit-down with department heads, a tour and a group interview with council members. Interviews with the council were tentatively set to begin 2 p.

Super Dating

Even though starting quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for the first four games, and All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski was lost to injury in midseason, the Patriots still recorded an NFL-best 14—2 record; their only losses were a shutout loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 and a loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week They scored points third in the NFL while allowing the fewest in the league Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett each started two games in Brady’s place.

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The monthly event where we watch a film, then head to the kitchen to make a dish inspired by our viewing. This month we are watching a foreign foodie film yes, that means subtitles ;- called The Lunchbox. I saw The Lunchbox when it came out and really enjoyed the story of two lonely people who get to know each other over letters sent in a lunchbox, so I was happy to see that Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla had picked it as our February movie.

See her announcement post here. Since it had been a few years, I added it to my Netflix queue and squeezed in a viewing before the due date, paying more attention to the food this time. The story is about a mix-up in the famous ” dabbawala ” daily lunch delivery system in Mumbai India, where hot food in lunchboxes is collected from the residences of workers or restaurant services in the late morning and delivered to the workplace at lunchtime via bicycles and the railway, then the empty lunchboxes are returned to the residence or restaurant they were sent from that afternoon and the process repeats the next day.

According to the dabbawalas, Harvard who did a study , and most people in Mumbai, mistakes do not happen–but of course, the whole plot of the movie is based on a mistake.

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The Superman character appears in publications by DC Comics the first appearance was in the comic book called Action Comics 1 in June On this page you will find Superman Games to play online for free. Choose the superman game that you want to play from the list above. You can also find Superman games for kids to play and have fun.

IISuperwomanII Reacts to ‘Teens React to IISuperwomanII’ (ft. Parents) – Duration: 7 : K.

Play the best free online Super Games for girls on GirlGames. Summer is here ,help her pick up the best dress from this wonderful boutique. And most people collect something. But Kimi has the biggest library of monster memorabilia, comic book collectibles, and toys from her childhood And no, this time it is not about saving the world or a dangerous mission. Super Barbie finally has some free time and she would l Would you like to have the ability to fly, or would you like to be the fastest person on this world?

Maybe you would like to be invisible or h The bathroom looks so dirty and it requires some cleaning. But Barbie cannot do it all alone. Can you help me to clean the bathroom? Gymnastics is more than just skill- it’s also about wonderful outfits! They don’t have time to pick outfits, so can you help t

Third down usually means big trouble for Vikings’ foes

Don Wise There is nothing more important than having your car in top running condition before an autocross or tour. A little time invested before an event can ensure that you’ll pass an AX tech inspection or avoid having your car inconveniently towed away on a tour. Members will have access to the lifts and other equipment to ensure their cars are in tip-top shape for race day.

Don provides this service to club members at no charge, but requests that participating members RSVP to don donsautowerks. The shop will be open from 6:

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This all-you-can-eat buffet specializes in soups from scratch, hearty salads and fresh-baked breads. With locations around Texas and other south-central states, Souper Salad is a popular choice for diners who want something light and satisfying with that homemade touch. Enjoy dining for less when you visit Souper Salad with a coupon. Discounts typically offer special pricing on adult buffet meals.

Superman Games. Superman, also known as The Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, the Metropolis Marvel and Last Son of Krypton is a comic book superhero (fictional character) created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Superman character appears in publications by DC Comics (the first appearance was in the comic book called Action Comics #1 in June ).

Premise[ edit ] This half-hour comedy follows a Los Angeles , California , catering team for the titular company. The sextet of aspiring Hollywood actors and writers, as well as drifting lost souls, work small-time catering gigs while hoping for their break or some positive change in their lives. Each episode finds the team working a new event, and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful, affluent guests and their absurd lives.

Cast[ edit ] The season two cast. From left to right: Main cast[ edit ] Adam Scott as Henry Pollard, a failed actor who returns to Party Down catering after he quit acting. He is most well known for a beer ad where his line “Are we having fun yet? Apathetic and a perpetual underachiever, he often plays straight man to the rest of his coworkers and is most often the most level-headed of the group.

His sexual relationship with Casey is a recurring plot element in the show. Ken Marino as Ronald Wayne “Ron” Donald, the prideful team leader of Party Down catering who is very uptight when it comes to work and strives for customer satisfaction. He is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, although he relapses when under pressure from work as he suffers from low self-esteem. His dream is to manage a Soup R’ Crackers, a franchise that offers all-you-can-eat soup.

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