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Anyone care to venture an opinion? Adding a trap to control air intake John Klingel is among those who wonders whether a trap could be installed in the incoming air duct in those cases where the stove is set up to use proximity air. Klingel passes along a link to a trap design from the City of Fairbanks, Alaska. Is his logic flawed? A hole is a hole. It doesn’t act like a trap at all. The reason some people like it is that when they install a so-called trap, they usually terminate the pipe so it aims at the ceiling. The pipe with the trap — the one aimed at the ceiling — allows all that air rushing into the house to mix with the air in the room before it falls to the floor, so the temperature of the air doesn’t feel as cold by the time it reaches the floor compared to a pipe without a trap aimed downward. But just as much air is coming in, in either case.

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Read thru the questions it will help. The answers to the questions are on down below the questions on this page! No, you cannot hook it up to your existing ductwork. All the heat has to come thru the heatduct supplied with the furnace. It needs to come thru a wallk or window.

The FHT Stove is a unique wood burning stove design which incorporates all the features of modern, clean-burning, efficient convector stoves and adds an extra dimension!

A wood stove basically needs its own chimney. This means specific distances from the wall, a certain r-value floor, hearth distance out from the front and sides of the wood stove, and a certain size chimney. Also for the wood stove to work properly, you need a good “draft”. This is caused by the sides of the chimney getting hot enough to cause an air flow upwards. This in turn will draw air into the wood stove. If you don’t get a good draft, then air will not be drawn into the stove and the fire will die out.


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i install a out side wood burner was wondering how to hook up hook up a thermostat to run the blower on the existing thermostat to auto off and on i did buy another therostat. Submitted: 7 years ago. Category: HVAC. When it was installed it only had a two wire connection from the thermostat to the burner.

We at the Antique Stove Hospital have noticed a troubling trend in the past months. There have been several businesses around the country that have opened up with very similar names to ours. If you are questioning the authenticity of your potential purchase, it is important to make sure that you are buying from either Emery Pineo or Brandon Pineo at the Antique Stove Hospital in Little Compton, Rhode Island.

If you have been solicited by ANY other individual who represents themselves as being part of the Antique Stove Hospital, please let us know so we may take appropriate legal action. Here at the Antique Stove Hospital we specialize in returning wood and coal stoves to day one condition. All stoves are totally disassembled, cleaned, parts welded or replaced as needed, caulked, reassembled, painted, new grates installed and nickel replaced.

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Can you explain the freight shipment process? This will usually be a regional carrier that utilizes 48 or 53 foot tractor trailers, often equipped with electric or hydraulic lift gates. The process between a freight carrier and small parcel carrier is different and it is up to the end user to ensure the freight is received properly.

Once an order is processed by our warehouse, the shipment will be palletized and picked up by the appropriate freight carrier. It will then be trucked to the local hub and directed to the distribution hub for your area.

Have your wood-burning fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected by a certified sweep at least once a year, at the end of the burning season, or more often if you notice creosote and soot build-up over 1/8-inch on the inside of the chimney.

Myth – I can retro fit this to my existing wood heater Fact – Only if the wood heater is tested and approved to have a hot water jacket fitted. Myth — The hot water systems give you bad hot water pressure Fact — Actually this is wrong: Myth — You can’t use solar with a wood stove Fact — Again, this is incorrect, you can: Myth — The bigger the hot water jacket — the better the hot water Fact — No: Fact – Yes and no How does it heat the water?

Its very simple – hot water is lighter than cold water As the water is getting hotter and hotter, it starts to rise, this is called Thermosyphoning All the hot water jacket does is heat water, it does not store the water. Different types of Hot Water Tanks There are many different sytle of hot water tanks available: Town water supply to your home is normally Kpa To get the same pressure to your shower, this style of tank will need to be installed 4mtrs above the shower head in your shower.

Hydronic Water The Hydronic water is the same water heated by the Wood Boiler or Wood Stove that also is used in the radiators An Inhibitor is used in this water to prevent rust in your system and prolong the life expectancy A Offering Ltrs of domestic hot water at pressure The system is designed to work in this way Gravity systems is also known as Thermosyphon systems.

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Can’t find a solution to your problem? Post a question in our Forums. Woodburning furnace and chimney My husband and I are planning to install a woodburning furnace and new chimney any suggestions would be helpful. We have a two story home and want to know should the chimney go inside or out. We have never built one so a step by step would be helpful.

If your main concern is having a heating source during power interruptions, unless you plan on having a generator with proper electrical hook-up for the pellet stove, a wood heat stove would be best. In the event of a power outage, a pellet stove will shut down; pellet fuel stoves require electricity to operate.

The fuel was being mostly converted into charcoal, rather than being properly gasified. Solving that problem would make a big improvement in the operation of the gasifier. I also realized looking at the list that solving the poor air flow problem would also probably improve or even eliminate other problems on the list like low temperature and tar production. So I decided to tackle the top two problems first, and tackle the others as opportunities presented themselves.

So it was back to the drawing board. I knew that the easiest way to solve the zone migration problem was to cap the top of the flame tube. The flame was simply moving up-wind toward the source of oxygen. Since the original design required air to move through the whole fuel column, the flame simply went up the column toward the source of air and created the zone migration problem. Capping the tube meant I had to find a new way to get the air into the gasifier. I studied the various gasifier designs.

It was clear to me I needed to install air inlet tubes near the bottom of the flame tube. It looked like the easiest way to do it, and still allow the core section to be removable was to install J-Tubes.

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One of the most overlooked functions of a wood stove is heating water. The hot water front which is nothing more than a small tank with an inlet and an outlet was placed in the fire-box of the stove and the tank was connected by copper, steel, stainless steel, brass or cast iron piping. None of these systems required pumps or fancy controls. Instead of a circulating pump, the hot water would rise out of the water front into the top of the water tank. The colder water in the tank would fall out of the bottom of the tank and into the hot water front small tank.

Oct 12,  · If it is a wood burning stove, why do you need gas for? now if you want to convert it to gas burning, its better to buy a new one and hook it up, but if you do not know how its better to hire some one that does, you don’t want to have a leak, because instead of burning wood Status: Resolved.

That is why you treat the water. A “closed” system is no exception. Without proper treatment of the water in your system you are allowing corrosion and scale deposition to destroy the metals and destroy the efficiency and longevity of your system. Scaling issues are decreased considerably but oxygen remains a threat to your system. Only in a vacuum are gases absent. Formal water treatment in industry is in itself a billion dollar worldwide industry.

Your outdoor wood boiler has the same basic treatment requirements in regard to properly and effectively using water as a medium for heat exchange as its larger industrial cousins. Same kinds of problems, same kind of medicine. The universal solvent for treatment chemical is water. For example, assuming the same chemical formulation one product Product A might say to add one gallon of chemical for every gallons of water in your stove.

Another product Product B says to add one quart of chemical for every gallons of water in your stove. Product B is four times stronger, meaning it contains less water. Shipping is too costly these days to buy a product that requires gallons of chemical to treat your stove. A test check of your chemical treatment level is best done on a regular schedule.

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