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Nicholas Hoult on ‘Warm Bodies,’ ‘X-Men,’ Jennifer Lawrence & More

A Band Apart Records will focus on film soundtracks. The baby is named Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Her song, “Vogue”, is a tribute to the glamour of classic Hollywood. Was supposed to play the lead in Music of the Heart but dropped out two weeks before filming was set to begin.

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January 16th Review Source: InterMix Two rival football players begin a game with higher stakes than the Super Bowl in this steamy romance from the author of Illegal Contact. At first, they can barely stand to be in the same room, but running the camp forces them to shape up. I’m not sure which of the two books, I like more. This is a great thing, usually the sophomore book in a series, always comes up short. Not in the case of Down by Contact. So not only did I walk away with 2 great reads, but I was introduced to Santino Hassell’s writing.

This is an author to have on your radar. I guess I should have started with that this book s , will not be for everyone. So if you can swoon over two sexy males, getting hot with each other, and I mean HOT then you don’t want to miss out on reading this series.

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An eOne Films release. Opens Friday February 1. For venues and times, see Movies. The tall, striking year-old – you may remember him as the awkward kid Hugh Grant pretended to take under his wing in About A Boy, or the tender young man who offers a despondent Colin Firth his sympathies in A Single Man – gets his first romantic lead in Warm Bodies, playing a lovelorn zombie who falls for a human. In a post-apocalyptic America, R – he only remembers that much of his name – is a self-aware if tragically inarticulate zombie who finds himself smitten with Julie Teresa Palmer, of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and I Am Number Four.

Teresa Palmer has been in 7 on-screen matchups, including Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge (), Daniel Radcliffe in December Boys (), Jay Baruchel in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (), Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies () and Benjamin Walker in The Choice ().Weight: 58 kg.

I spoke with Teresa about her interesting new rom-com. Have you watched many zombie movies? It was very much grounded in reality and it really petrified me. And I loved Zombieland, I thought that was great, it pokes fun at the zombie genre. What was it like not to have to go through that zombie make up? It was so refreshing.

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As Joan Rivers would put it if she were awake If this hacking ring was going around for a long time, someone may have posted it a month ago just to troll and see if anyone recognized it as Jennifer Lawrence. How can it look like her in the other photo, with the same face, same background, and zits even in the same location and not be her? She is stunning and has one of the best bodies out of all the girls hacked, IMHO. They may have been batting for both.. Does anyone know why.

When will it end? Will these exposes and leaks from the cloud move from celebrities to regular people? Is privacy over? According to TMZ, a rep for Olympic volleyball player Misty May-Treanor says that at least one of the leaked nude photos in the third round of “the fappening”– presumed to be the three-time Olympic gold medalist–is fake.

And Hollywood has taken notice. The year-old Brit is the lead in the 3-D fantasy epic Jack the Giant Slayer, opening March 1, and the surprisingly touching zombie love story Warm Bodies , in theaters Friday. In Warm Bodies, Hoult plays R—a zombie in post-apocalyptic America who feels a bit more human than his undead brethren. One day he crosses paths with Julie Teresa Palmer , a human freedom fighter whose father, played by John Malkovich, has erected a giant wall around the warmblooded populace and given instructions to kill all zombies on sight.

R immediately falls for Julie, who breathes life into him and even inspires the grunting mute to talk Not the most conventional way of getting to know a girl, but it seemed to work! Following his breakout turn as Marcus Brewer, a young outcast who is heckled mercilessly by his classmates, smothered by his anxious mother Toni Collette , and ultimately taken in by a caddish man-child, played by Hugh Grant, in About a Boy, Hoult took a few years off from acting.

Hoult played Tony Stonem, a popular, scheming teen, and the series, which sought to approach controversial topics like drug use, mental illness, and death in a realistic fashion, became a cult hit in its native England. Director Bryan Singer also took a shine to the show and Hoult and openly campaigned for him to be cast as Beast in the superhero reboot X-Men: It was on that film where he met Jennifer Lawrence. The two reportedly began dating in and split a few weeks ago.

Storm in a teacup is how I describe it.

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Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, played by Teresa Palmer, falls in love with a Zombie named R, played by Nicholas Hoult.

Unbounded by the limitations of realism, sci-fi deals with ideas and possibility. This technology-heightened reality gives filmmakers and viewers just enough space from their world to step back and meaningfully explore things like the dangers of social hierarchy Snowpiercer, Mad Max: Fury Road , the sanctity of privacy Inception , and the consequences of scientific hubris Jurassic Park.

Sci-fi movies and television shows often take place in unfamiliar visual landscapes like neo-Earths or across multiple or infinite dimensions, but they explore very familiar themes like the vicissitudes of love, hate, faith, and paranoia. These emotional landscapes are also the playground of another genre, romance. It is no surprise then that some of the most satisfying romances of modern entertainment history have resulted from cross-pollination with the science fiction genre.

Here are some of the best examples of these sci-fi romances on the big and small screens.

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals What Nicholas Hoult HATED About Her While They Were Dating — Oh Snap!

Her on-off relationship with About A Boy star Nichols Hoult has been more off than on and they most recently split again in August citing disruptive work schedules as the reason behind the split. Then there were those naked photo leaks…. She handled all difficult situations including that embarrassing trip on the the stars when she went to accept her award in true girl-power style and she went on to do what she does best… Made a couple of hit movies! Mockingjay — Part 2 due out in plus another movie called Joy in which she stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro in the drama about a struggling single mom.

Keep your eyes peeled! Sadly, Scarlett Johansson is another chick that has been in the media because of some very public photo leaks.

Well, when I saw Warm Bodies last weekend there was this moment (SPOILER ALERT) where Teresa Palmer’s and Analeigh Tipton’s characters clean Nicholas Hoult’s R up to look more human.

Comments 0 Warner Bros. Amid the new British invasion of rising stars see Benedict Cumberbatch, David Oyelowo, and the entire cast of Downton Abbey , the strongest candidate for male heartthrob seems to be Nicholas Hoult, an English actor and model who just turned 23, 10 years after co-starring with Hugh Grant in About a Boy. Born with actorly blood, Hoult is the great-nephew of Anna Neagle, British star and muse to director Herbert Wilcox, whom she wed in the s.

Few, though, might have expected just how big a star he was on his way to becoming, with multiple blockbusters and, potentially, three franchises on the horizon. The film also, apparently, took Hoult off the market, as it was announced in that he was dating co-star Jennifer Lawrence, who also donned blue prosthetics as Mystique. First, though, Hoult stands to possibly rule the box-office this weekend with Warm Bodies , a surprisingly well-received zombie love story, in which Hoult takes the lead as a malcontent member of the undead.

The latest entry in the new live-action fantasy canon, the Warner Bros. Not all actors can be groomed to be the next big brand-name star.

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer talk Warm Bodies